Traveling to Saint Lucia During a Covid Uptick

Traveling to Saint Lucia During a Covid Uptick

We cannot seem to get over the Covid virus spread, and several countries are on lockdown or restricting travel. Saint Lucia is still open; however, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has increased the island to a level 4, a very high warning level for travel. Throughout the worst of the pandemic, Saint Lucia managed their Covid cases and barely had any. Still, with a reopening to tourism, more patients have occurred. So, while you want to enjoy sun, sand, rum, and chocolate, you do want to be cautious about flying.

You must have any of the three vaccines before you travel, as you won’t be allowed on the island without them. Furthermore, it is best if you have the booster available for all three vaccines.

Saint Lucia asks anyone over 18 to apply online for the Travel Form, which authorizes your entry onto the island. You need to stay at one of the Covid approved hotels. If you do not have hotel information booked or are unsure which hotel to choose, make sure you read their protocols and whether the government has provided a Covid approved certificate.

You also need to have a negative Covid test no more than five days before you travel. With the speed of tests, you can get one two or three days before you fly and get the results in time for your trip.

You should also check with the hotel and airline about cancellation issues should your test become positive. Before the pandemic, travel insurance helped with any cancellations, but now with such a high-risk disease, you might need added benefits to make sure your trip can happen at a later date should something occur.

Make sure you print out everything and bring all documents with you.

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