US Spring Breakers Seek St. Lucia

Marigot Bay St Lucia

Winter keeps raging, with a bit of tease of spring every few days, depending on where one lives in the US. For those looking for a way out and warmer temperatures, it seems St. Lucia is top of the list. A tropical paradise with views of the Pitons and plenty of natural landscape is highly appealing.

For years, people have considered St. Lucia to be the Caribbean destination. Its appealing culture and water attractions are just a few reasons many decide to travel to the island. As a once-in-a-lifetime trip for families, it is the best place to experience a variety of heritages plus snorkeling, zip-lining, and kid-friendly hotels.

This Caribbean Island offers a northern and southern area that differs in culture and geographical fun. The Castries are mostly Catholic, where numerous hotels and the marina will keep people entertained. The Southern section, Soufriere, is more about ecological tourism, with many of the resorts catering to visitors with on-island accouterments and ecological energy sources.

Natural wonders like the Pitons, volcano, and hot springs are just a few reasons visitors enjoy the southern area of Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia is not like Florida during Spring Break with too much partying and alcohol. Instead, it is a beautiful destination one saves to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, jeep rides, and much more. Even hiking the Pitons is an exciting part of visiting the island.

The Pitons are a unique island feature that even got Hollywood’s producers to use it for the Pirate franchise. Marigot Bay was another popular spot for Dr. Doolittle.

Interestingly, the southern rain forest gets more rain than the island’s northern section.

Many of the resorts in Soufriere offer a perfect marriage with nature, ensuring one gets the best views and privacy. So it is no wonder Spring Breakers are seeking Saint Lucia for their vacation.

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