Villa Rentals In Saint Lucia

Villa Rentals In Saint Lucia

Are you looking for a private stay in Saint Lucia? You may have a large group holidaying on the island and want more space. You might wish to rent a private villa over staying at a resort for various reasons. Here are some reasons you may want to consider a more intimate setting to help you decide if Akasha or other villas are the right choice.

  1. Fewer guests will be around when you rent a villa. For example, Akasha has 12 villas with infinity pools versus more than 400 rooms for guests.
  2. The added amenities you gain with private villas. You have your own pool with views of the island, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic. You can also request a private chef to prepare your meals or simply cook your own food.
  3. Villas offer more area for you to spread out. Rather than a single room, you can choose from villas with one or more bedrooms.
  4. More personalized amenities include a private yoga instructor or a massage.
  5. Privacy – if being on your own, not disturbed by other guests, or even seeing other people for the entirety of your holiday sounds great, then private villas are the way to go.

Akasha is just one of the accommodations on the island offering private villas to their guests. Located in the northern section of the island near the Pitons and other local attractions.

Something that appeals to visitors who have a kitchen is getting to enjoy the local market. The fresh farmer’s market helps you find fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish. You can also locate some local spices to fix traditional cuisine, all in the luxury of your own space.

Consider renting a villa when visiting Saint Lucia if you want privacy or more space.

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