Virgin Atlantic Flights To Resume

Virgin Atlantic to Saint Lucia

Virgin Atlantic is launching its winter services starting October 31, 2022. The flights will arrive from London Heathrow International Airport. The announcement was made by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority. Virgin Atlantic will have flights leaving Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The winter schedule will be in place through March 25, 2023. It takes nine hours for the flight to leave London and arrive in Saint Lucia.

The authority is happy Virgin Atlantic is resuming its flights as it helps complement other flights from the UK through TUI and British Airways. TUI Airways flies from London-Gatwick.

In addition to the news of resumed flights, Saint Lucia is announcing they are eighty percent recovered from the tourism downturn due to Covid. However, the authority is still ensuring post-pandemic protocols are adhered to so visitors can safely travel and have a great time on their trip.

With so many things to do on the island, the authority believes it is essential that all tourists can feel safe and healthy while on the island. To that end, a negative covid test is required a few days before travel and carrying one’s vaccination card.

In the travel world today, it is helpful to have travel insurance to cover any changes due to Covid or other disruptions in one’s travel. Of course, no one wants to have their plans go awry, but should something happen that prevents taking a trip, it is nice to know there is coverage. In addition, the tourism industry, particularly on an island like Saint Lucia, benefits from continued travel by longtime patrons and new travelers to the area.

Many people return yearly to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and all its underwater wonders. Just as many people discover the island for the first time, enjoying the volcano, Grand Piton, and various other sites.

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