Watch the ARC from Akasha

Guests at Akasha, St Lucia’s Best Luxury Villa, have a front row seat of the boats racing in the ARC. The first boat, a 40 footer Vaquita has already crossed the finishing line just off the coast by the villa. The next boat was over 200 miles behind – great effort by the crew of Vaquita.

Knowing the yacht club in St Lucia and the St Lucian locals we know there will be a great welcome waiting for all the boats irrespective of where they finish – first or last. The buzz in the Rodney Bay Marina at this time of the year is at its highest. Lots of local bands playing, special deals in the bars and not forgetting the free shows in and around the marina.

For those who want follow progress of the boats you can check out the blogs of various boats via this link

It brings the journey to life.

Even if you are not a sailor you have to take off your hats to these brave souls who come across the Atlantic as some of the boats are rather small and the wind can be rather excessive.

This is not the only race that happens in St Lucia. Last week, guests were treated to the sight of some local boats racing between Rodney Bay and a point just below the villa, super sight to see. Some weeks earlier there was the Bill fishing competition. Not only were there lots of boats racing out from the Rodney Bay but the sight of a helicopter taking live action shots from just above the boats’ masts was like watching a live police chase on the water.

When you stay at St Lucia’s best known villa, Akasha, you get more than just a villa vacation. Depending on the time of the year you get all these views included – stay over new year and you can see all the fireworks on the island without stepping out of the villa.

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