What Does St. Lucia and Black Friday Have in Common?

What Does St. Lucia and Black Friday Have in Common

Thanksgiving in the US is just around the corner, which means the famed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are getting ever closer. But, what most people may not know is the first Tuesday in December is coined as Travel Tuesday. If you read our previous post, you know St. Lucia is on the travel deals you can find on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Travel Tuesday.

Julie Ramhold is a consumer analyst with DealNews. She says they are expecting to see travel deals with 35% off hotel stays, with a nightly rate that could drop as low as $39 in some cases. The information does not mean it will apply to stays in St. Lucia, but the idea is to check.

Travel Deal Tuesday could yield up to 40 percent off airfare, with domestic flights as low as $19. The best part is you can search for a location to see if they are part of the deal. For example, if you want to visit St. Lucia and another island close by, you might find a great deal for the island-hop that is usually more expensive.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is hoping to gain peoples attention with rates as low as $140 per person to some locations. The biggest key to getting the deals is to be flexible. You want to adjust your travel plans based on the deals out there and make sure you carry travel insurance.

There are also some tools you can download to help you track destinations. Hopper is a monitoring tool that can watch out for the Travel Deal bargains that might just provide you with the vacation of a lifetime to St. Lucia.

Whether you are genuinely looking for travel to the famed island that has grown in popularity as a wedding destination or somewhere else, the deals are coming soon.

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