Why Saint Lucia is The Travel Destination in the Caribbean Part II

Rain Forest Zip Lining

We discussed the top three reasons Saint Lucia is considered The Caribbean Travel Destination in a previous post. But, only mentioning three of these reasons seems like we left out too much about this beautiful island, so here are even more reasons you want to choose Saint Lucia as The Caribbean Travel Destination of your dreams.

1. Underwater Life – the Caribbean offers plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. But, when you combine the beaches, hotels, and views of Saint Lucia with the sea life you can see on the Anse Piton coral reef, it ups the game for why you want to visit. Even if you just snorkel over the coral reef, you can see squid, moray eels, parrotfish, needlefish, and trumpetfish. Add in the sharks, dolphins, shrimp, and lobsters, and it is a veritable feast for your eyes. Night dives on Turtle Reef, deeper dives on the opposite side of Anse Piton’s island, and many other sites will make a diver happy.

2. Mountain Hiking – yes, you have Gros Piton, but you also have other areas of the island that offer a hiking experience plus zip line fun. As a rainforest island, there are plenty of hikes to waterfalls, springs, and natural spas to keep you happy with volcanoes.

3. Actually, ziplining deserves its own discussion separate from hiking. Saint Lucia is covered by forest at a 77 percent rate, which differs from Barbados, which has 19 percent of forestland. Going along Tet Paul Nature Trail gives you one experience, but going into the Diamon Falls Botanical Gardens in Soufriere gives you the option of seeing the rainforest differently. In fact, Rainforest Adventure offers a 2o minute drive and access to the gondola, so you get to fly over the treetops.

Saint Lucia is a natural wonder with a little something for every visitor.

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