Why Saint Lucia is The Travel Destination In The Caribbean

Sugar Beach

The Caribbean has over 7,000 individual islands, with 13 sovereign nations and 12 dependencies. It can be hard to make up your mind about which island to visit. You probably have some vacation ideas in mind, such as enjoying beaches or land-based adventures. Several islands have a mixture of history that will appeal to history buffs, while others are a naturalist’s paradise. You might even look for nightlife. Saint Lucia is one of the numerous islands you can pick from for your holiday. Here are the reasons why it is The Travel Destination.

1. Views – Saint Lucia’s coastline is made up of beaches and the Pitons. Few coastlines have brought foremost photographers to their shores as much as Saint Lucia has. The Pitons, with their jagged edges of volcanic peaks, continue to thrill hikers and photographers. You have numerous accommodations close by to ensure you have a view of the peaks and the water.

2. Hoteliers are ensuring Sugar Beach and Anse Piton are worth visiting. Backed by dense forest and strips of beaches, many of the hotels ensure you are looking at the Pitons or nestled against Petit Piton. In addition, at least one hotel offers a nearby hiking trail to the Gros Piton, which is 739 meters in height at the summit. Hotels also provide minimalist to luxury rooms for every budget, so whether you want to spend most of your time outdoors and don’t want to pay for luxury or you want that five-star room, you can find it.

3. Beaches – Saint Lucia has golden sandy beaches despite the nearby volcanoes. Anse Piton’s coast has been rated the number one Caribbean beach several times running because of its white grains. Never mind that the sand was actually imported from Guyana to make it Sugar Beach.

These are just three reasons Saint Lucia is The Travel Destination in the Caribbean. Be sure to come back and check out the next post!

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