Wine and Rum Tasting in St Lucia at the Best Villa

Akasha is pleased to announce that we have secured the services of the island’s top Sommelier to host wine and rum tasting at the villa.

Parties staying at St Lucia’s most Luxurious Villa Rental will be able to sample the delights of some super wines. Get coached in what to look for in wines and how to judge a good wine under the guidance of an experienced Sommelier who settled on the island some years ago. He responsible for buying wines and rum for all the top resorts and restaurants in St Lucia so he knows his stuff. For those who want to investigate local rums, for which St Lucia is famous, then just say the word they can be included – they might just blow your socks off.

When you book your vacation – it doesn’t matter if it is inclusive or not, the Wine and Rum Tasting can be booked irrespective. Just gives us an idea of what your preference is (if you have one) and the wines and rums you will sample will be adjusted accordingly. You can be guaranteed that they will be good. We can also arrange for your pick of wines and rum to be sent to your home – or take them with you.

At St Lucia’s most Luxurious Villa there is ample room to undertake the tasting – with these views the wine and rum will taste inspiring.

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